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Dawn Ashcroft

January - Spirit Moon

Dawn Ashcroft: Welcome

Boozhoo, Waabaanookwe ndigoo, wauzhaask ndoodem, Mitaanjigamiing ndoonjiibaa, 

This skirt represents the MANIDOO GIIZIS, the Spirit Moon, this is the first moon of Creation in January, it is also called the Wolf Moon. The ribbons are coloured to represent the northern lights, it is said the waawaatay manifest the Spirit Moon and is a time to honour the silence and realize our place within all of Great Mystery’s creatures. The wolf howling at the full moon represents the silence of the cold winter nights when all you hear are the wolves out beyond the darkness. As an Anishinaabe-kwe of Ojibwe and Welsh ancestry I wanted to combine two names of the moon to honour both lineages. I am a survivor of the Millennium Scoop, my mother was a survivor of the 60s Scoop, and my maternal grandparents were survivors of Residential School, my maternal grandmother, Edith, is a stolen spirit, murdered in 1973. I was never taught the traditional way of life and learned how to sew on my own. Creating is healing and being able to have one of my pieces be part of an art show showcasing traditional works of art is an incredible honour that proves I am walking the good road and living the good life so I can pass this knowledge on to my children. I am breaking the inter-generational trauma through my creating and sewing love into my family’s lives. Miigwech Gitchi-Manidoo, miigwech nimishoomis, miigwech ninokomis, gaakina-gegoo gaa-izhi chigeyan noongom. Miigwech gaa-izhewebaak gaa-izhi giizhigaak gaa-izhi bimaadiziwan. 

The 13 Grandmother Moon teachings are from “Kinoomaadiewinan Anishinabek Bimaadinzinwin, Book Two. Author Arlene Berry.

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