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Fay Zoccole

June - Flower Moon

Fay Zoccole: Welcome

Boozhoo. Fay Zoccole n’diznacas. Thunder Bay doonjibaa. I am originally from Aroland but am a band member of Lac Seul First Nation. I come from the Meshake family. I am a mom that has experienced the recent loss of my beloved son, Matthew. In the past year it has been a difficult path to accept the loss of my son.  He had autism and epilepsy. I was researching how to manage grief and learned that creativity lives in the same place in your brain where grief lives. Being creative helps people like me heal. I started sewing quilts and ribbon skirts. I also love to see people happy with the skirts that I make. When I sew, I pray for the individual that is going to wear the skirt and ask God to restore, heal and bless them in all areas of their lives. It is an amazing thing to converse with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He trades beauty for ashes of grief with us. He takes our heaviness and gifts us with ribbon skirts so we can feel happiness. The ribbon skirt that I made is called “Flower Moon.”  The month of May welcomes the blooming of flowers and budding of the trees.  A time if renewal and growth.  Miigwetch.

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